Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ralph, I have been thinking about the letter I said I would write to those individuals who still defend the religion that helps keep us in bondage, but I found that it would be one of the most difficult things to do. So I am sending this to you with the hopes that you will post it on your website.

I have to admit that when it comes to being brainwashed; we have passed the course with flying colors, and, at times, appear to be extremely proud of it. We have been systematically told that we are worth very little, and now we believe it with our entire heart and soul. We truly believe the lie that we, as a race of people, received our black skin as the result of the curse placed on Ham in the bible, and we live our lives with that lie embedded in our very being. Why else would anyone on the face of this earth refuse to believe that maybe, just maybe, the Creator or Creators of heaven and earth chose us to be first in their family. We are so willing to believe anything that shows us as anything, but being blessed and royal people. Everyone else on the face of the earth can, and do, believe that they are special in the eyes of their Creator, except us! They give praise and they honor their makers with all that they have, but we, on the other hand, turned our backs on our Creators, and we even become angry whenever this fact is called to our attention.

For anyone that wishes to know the truth about themselves, there is only one thing required of you and that is to READ THE BIBLE THE WAY IT WAS ORIGINALLY INTENDED FOR US TO READ. I was blessed by the Creators to have my eyes finally opened so I could see the TRUTH as it is actually written in the pages of the bible. We all have the same opportunity to receive this blessing, but it is your decision as to whether or not you are willing to take the simple and easy step necessary to receive this truth. If you truly believe in the bible, and its authenticity, then here is something for you to consider: The reason we are considered to be the result of a curse is because we have been given, to read, a version of the bible that was translated by the very same people who would use their bible to justify enslaving their fellow man. Its time for us to learn to read what is right there on the page before our very eyes. When you read the bible today; your mind tells you one thing, but your soul tells you something different. We have been taught to worship, praise and believe something that is not intended for us. Everything that has or will happen to us as a people is stated in the bible. The problem is that we DO NOT READ THE BIBLE THE WAY IT WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN FOR US!

If you own something of great value that serves you well, and then you give it to someone else; so they can in turn use it against you: How can you expect for them to show respect for you. That is what we did with the bible, and we are still doing the same types of things today. Because we lost our respect for the Creator's WORD; we were told in the bible everything that would befall us as a people, and according to the WORD: All that was promised in the bible to happen to us – has come true! Today in this world, the ministers and preachers tell you what you are supposed to do to receive God's blessings; while everything in your world is becoming more uncertain and unstable day by day. The world, itself, is becoming more violent and cruel, and it is starting to become apparent that things are beginning to spiral out of control. At no time in the history of this planet, has there ever been over a billion people going without food as there is today. At no time in the history of this planet, has the global climate conditions threaten to end all human life on the planet as it is today. And, at no time in the history of this planet, has the world population reached the point where the size of the army mentioned in the ninth chapter of the book of Revelation was possible as it is today. If you know where to find this information in the bible, but don't believe in the bible or the Creators – then why is all of this still happening!

When I said earlier that we have been brainwashed; let me give you some examples of acting in a manner that is detrimental to ourselves. One and one equals two all over the world except the way we are taught it in the bible. Not only are we taught in the bible that one plus one equals one, but we are even taught that one plus one plus one equals one! Is it any wonder we, as black people, no longer understand the world and universe we live in? Opposites attract each other and in order to create life there has to be two different forces. These two forces keeps all life here on earth and all laws in our universe in perfect harmony and balance. How did we forget such a basic truth and understanding of life?

May be that's why we have become the most hated race on earth; even we hate ourselves? Its that simple, we turned our backs on the truth, and the truth became twisted and the world was turned upside down. Now, today, we are so brainwashed that we actually believe that this twisted upside down world is the truth. The most serious event that has occurred for US is the fact that what we knew to be true, we lost it because we no longer READ THE BIBLE THE WAY IT WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN!

If you have ever given any serious thought to why things are as they are for us, as a people, take a chance and learn again that one plus one equals TWO! Learn again what it was that we gave up, which caused us to eventually become brainwashed. Understand the real reason why no matter how much we pray, we will still be considered the most despised people on the face of the earth. Learn the real reason why no matter what has befallen us, no matter what has been done to us, no matter who tries to define us, JAH (god) has protected us, and has been working out a plan to save most of his people, from the moment we were place on this earth.

The Creator (The Father) tells us what his correct name is, and we knew this before we became brainwashed. This information has been in the bible for years but we have been deliberately mislead.

Psalms 68:4, KJV; Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him.


If you want to learn something that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER, then do what I did and take that first step, which will help you see the truth, and the fact that we have truly been brainwashed: That first step is to read “Letters To The Black Man And Woman” by visiting the website,
The information here changed my life and help me discover the bible:


Richard, when you called me last week, and told me you felt compelled to write to my readers; I told you that I would look forward to reading what you have to say. I had no idea you had such a powerful testimonial of what reading the letters has done for you. I did put the spell check on your words, and I did make a few changes so they would read a little smoother, but these are your words, and they are very powerful. I will feel honored to post your comments to my blog, and to send them to my email list. I can only wish that others who have completed the letters would do what you have done here. I have always respected the privacy of those who wish not to have it revealed that they read the letters, but I think its time for someone else to stand up and be men and women by coming out of the shadows, and helping to get this message out to the world. But, I will leave that decision up to them, and to JAH!

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